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The treatment you deserve, with the clinic you trust

The first part of the consultation is in the form of an interview, your problem is discussed, how your symptoms behave and how it affects your life. We explore what treatments you have tried to date and find out how or why they may not have worked.

After this discussion there are often several clues indicating where your problem is coming from and our next goal is to pin down the diagnosis with our movement evaluation just like we would do if you consulted us in regular clinic.

For movement evaluation, you will be asked to repeat certain movements and via video we can view where and why your movement is painful or restricted. It includes functional tests, like flexibility, strength tests and postural assessment. However, we may refer you for further investigation (blood tests, MRI scans, X-rays etc.) if in case we suspect a more serious condition.

Once the diagnosis is made we teach you to treat YOUR pain! We teach you the self treatment techniques to relieve your symptoms. You will receive an exercise program that loosens, strengthens, and stabilizes your problem area as needed. We also provide you with ergonomic advice to prevent recurrence of the symptoms; this also ensures protection to the healing tissue in the phase of recovery. We will also ask you to perform the exercises while you are doing your video consultation to ensure that they are appropriate for you.

You can contact us anytime for next 2 weeks by email if you have any doubts regarding the exercise session.

You are then given approximate follow up date for you to book follow up session.